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Imayam Educational Institutions are run by the Imayam Trust, under the Chairmanship of Mr. P Periyannan. The Imayam Group founded each of the educational institutes to enable young adults to access world-class education and knowledge. Located a few kilometers from the city, the institution is run by the greatest minds aided by technological advancements to make learning a great experience for all their students.

In every step of their journey, the Imayam Group has used several opportunities to touch the lives of young aspirants and has helped them achieve great things.

In 2005, the Imayam Arts and Science College was established to help students pursue arts and science courses in the Trichy district. It opened many doors for students to train and access A-grade laboratories and facilities equipped for education and research.

The Imayam College of Education was opened in 2006, for aspiring teachers and mentors. The institution posed as an opportunity for young adults to learn the art of teaching and the value of education to society and the country.

In 2006, the Imayam Group wanted to create an opportunity for young adults with dreams towards the food and culinary arts industry in Trichy. Imayam Industrial School of Hotel Management and Catering Technology was also founded to help students get an upper hand by learning from the best in the field and training at fully equipped world-class kitchens.

In 2007, Idhayaam College of Education, another teacher training institute was open to meet the rising demands among aspiring teachers in Trichy. It has also been accredited by NCTE, Tamilnadu Teachers Education University, and the State Government of Tamilnadu.

With growing advancements in technology, The Imayam Group realized the need for quality engineering education in Trichy. In 2009, Imayam College of Engineering (ICE) was opened for students to grow with theoretical engineering knowledge along with practical expertise.

In 2010, Imayam Institute of Agriculture and Technology (IIAT), was founded to bring agricultural studies to Trichy. IIAT is affiliated with Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) and is the 5th private self-financing college affiliated to TNAU. Till today, it stands as a pioneer for agricultural research and education, for the development and implementation of agricultural improvements in horticulture and various food crops.


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